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Need to order off-road diesel fuel? Please call 215-492-1900.

Off-road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Non-Road Locomotive Marine, Ultra Low-sulfur Dyed Diesel Fuel delivery in the greater philadelphia / South Jersey Area


What is the difference between ‘clear’ diesel and ‘dyed’ diesel?

Fuel sold at regular gas stations is known as clear diesel. This type of diesel is readily available to the public, and is most commonly used in vehicles that travel on the roads daily. It is called “clear” diesel because there are no red dyes in the fuel. This fuel is low sulfur. Any vehicle that has a diesel engine and is licensed for on-road travel uses clear diesel fuel.

Off-road diesel fuel, as opposed to on-road diesel fuel, is also known as dyed diesel due to the red (or sometimes blue) dye used to color the fuel. As the name implies, this fuel is only authorized for use in vehicles that primarily do not travel on the roads, such as farm equipment, tractors, generators, and heavy construction equipment. Unlike clear diesel, this fuel is not taxed within the US.

Can Oil Patch Fuel help deliver off-road diesel fuel to my job site?

Oil Patch Fuel delivers ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel to any job site tanks, equipment, or commercial building. Because we come directly to your job site, we are a convenient and lower-cost solution. You will not have to send employees off-site to collect the fuel and bring it back, nor will you have to worry about compliance, as Oil Patch Fuel handles all environmental regulatory compliance.

Oil Patch Fuel delivering on-road diesel to a truck

How quickly can Oil Patch Fuel deliver to my job site?

We can offer same-day will-call fuel delivery and regularly scheduled, automatic deliveries to ensure there is no disruption in your options due to being out of fuel. We also offer fuel tanks with pumps that you can placed on your property or jobsite for permanent or temporary fueling.

What on-road diesel fuel services does Oil Patch Fuel provide?

We offer #2 bio-fuel, also known as on-road diesel, to fuel your company’s trucks. We deliver to either your fleet’s diesel tank or each truck in your fleet directly. The Oil Patch Fuel approach is to improve and optimize your businesses’ efficiency and drive costs down through streamlining. We provide diesel tanks and pumps, if needed, to control when and where your drivers fuel their vehicles. We can also meet your vehicles at specific locations and fuel them up on-the-go.

How does Oil Patch Fuel handle invoicing?

For all commercial services, we provide both a digital invoice as well as a detailed bill printed at the point of sale. Oil Patch Fuel’s comprehensive delivery software tracks detailed information from each delivery, which helps our customers with their own accounting and provides important information for improving their fuel usage.

What is the easiest way to order off-road or on-road diesel fuel?

If you are in the Greater Philadelphia Area or South Jersey, the fastest and easiest way to order your fuel is to call us directly at 215-492-1900. We will work directly with you to find the best time for delivery, the best location for delivery, and the easiest payment options. We’re available around the clock to ensure your business gets the support you need.

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